Capital flowing in NFT and STOs (is it still a thing?)

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As we continue to analyze digital assets and stores of value on a weekly basis, something that stood out to us recently was the number of deals and the amount of capital from into tokenization and NFT space.

It comes in different shapes and forms:

  • Dapper Labs (the masterminds behind CryptoKitties) just bagged $18 million investment, raising funds from 13,000 investors via a token offering on CoinList. FLOW token is a native asset of NFT-centric Flow blockchain, completed by the team earlier this year.

  • Tim Draper is showing active interest to tokenization: this month the legendary investor has backed Propy, a blockchain-based platform for real-estate transactions. Also, Draper Goren Holm venture studio invested in Israeli digital securities exchange Simetria.

STOs in 2020?

Tim Draper is not the only one bullish on tokenization: Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, that invested a seven-figure sum in Securitize in 2019, announced the plans to run an STO for its new gaming arm SBI e-Sports.

By the way, why would you run an STO? To answer this question, last week we hosted a live webinar with Black Manta Capital, where we reviewed STOs of Cosimo X, INX and One Cycle.

You can watch the recording here:

NFT’s stellar debut on Christie’s

In one of our last issues we shared the announcement of the first NFT to be sold at Christie’s auction house. Guess what: it went great!

Exceeding all expectations, Ben Gentilli’s “Block 21” was sold for over $131,000. Bidding started at $22,000!

This is a strong step NFT made towards merging with traditional art market.

And there There is also another interesting collaboration going on behind the scenes:

When NFT met DeFi

If we zoom out and take a look at where the two hottest phenomena in crypto are headed, we will clearly see that the borders between NFT and DeFi are beginning to melt.

Starting from Rarible, who introduced yield farming (a purely DeFi mechanism) to NFT by launching its governance token $RARI this July, NFT space is making more active steps to take the best of both worlds.

While this is still unfolding and it’s hard to define the specifics, there are some projects to pay attention to, that merge the concepts of NFT and DeFi:

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